Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finishing and installing!

Special thanks to Sasha, the amazing sculptor who crafted and installed all the window frames! He definitely took some nice liberties with the drawings I'd given him to work with, in terms of inventing some of his own carvings for the window frame tops like simplified birds and fish. After the students left for the day, I worked on finishing up the final details on all the paintings, while Sasha's assistant and Nastya cut and primed the small dividing panes for each window and started to fasten all the pieces together. Around 7pm we all went upstairs to arrange the windows in the corridor wall where the installation was to take place. We figured out the height and placement of each window, which turned out to be quite different from my original sketch--my scale drawing hadn't accounted for things like fire hydrants or random heating fixtures on certain walls. But fortunately all the windows fit well on the walls and I was very pleased with the scale and how they transformed the space!

By 2:30 am, we were finally done with everything--the painting, the installation, and even writing the project name and all the participating artists' names (in Russian only this time) on a small title window. I cannot express my gratitude to Nastya especially for putting in the longest work day of her entire professional life! (for me of course, working on an art project until 3am is nothing new...). This was an amazing mural team....accomplishing so much in such a short time. I think everyone from the school is pleased with the turnout (judging by their use of the word "krasiva"/"beautiful") and I am hoping for a positive response at the final presentation!

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